Little House on the Prairie (1974) Cast: Then and Now [48 Years After] (Video Inside)


hello friends in this video you’ll see

how heavy actors of a tv series a little

house on the prairie

1974-1983 changed i will tell you about

the characters of the film and also

you’ll see what’s now with the castle

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mary ingles is the eldest child of the

married couple ingles she has beautiful

features and is quite a smart and quick

witty girl by nature mary is a gentle

person but she also has nina core was

popular with boys she was played by

melissa sue anderson

caroline ingalls karen grosso is charles

sweetheart she’s kind hearted woman and

caring mother who can’t stand conflicts

and if possible tries to smooth them out

caroline is very loyal has good

self-control and will never let her

children offend

harry ingles the youngest sister of

laura and mary she has a wonderful

fantasy which often transfers to real

life which sometimes worries her parents

like all children carrie loves to play

pranks the role was played by rachel

lindsey greenberg

nelly olsen is the first child born to

nels and harry she’s a sweet girl with

blue eyes and long hair but not until

she begins to show her flight in nature

was able to change for the better after

meeting delphi there was played by

alison arngreen

grey singles the last born child of

caroline and charles but no less loved

by her parents and sisters she was a

very sweet girl with blonde hair and

beautiful blue eyes love to draw and

play with dolls played by sisters queen

brenda and wendy turnbull

harriet also catherine mcgregor is the

biological mother of william nelly is

notable for her unshakeable nature often

behaves rather arrogantly and first of

all is used to thinking entirely about

herself she had a negative impact on her


reverend robert elk the friendly person

often worries about others and tries to

help in difficult situations he doesn’t

like to talk about himself and share

personal experiences played by debs

grier who died in 2007 of kidney failure

almost james wilder is the brother of

eliza with whom he moved to the town of

walnut grove

where he met his future wife laura he

can stand up not only for himself but

also for people dear to him and is also

a hard-working guy played by dean butler

dr hyrum baker provides medical care not

only to people but also to animals he

can soberly assess the situation and

retreat from what he wants but is also

capable of self-sacrifice played by

kevin hagen who died in 2005 of

esophageal cancer

eva beedle was a teacher at walnut grove

school and taught the first two english

daughters she is a good bright person

who wins people over and arouses

sympathy among students has a kind open

smile as well as blonde curly hair

played by charlotte stewart

has the suits hair hyun worked at a

school for children with lesion problems

she held the position of the teacher and

knew how to communicate well with such

children as the seal likes to reminisce

about the good times of her life

sometimes played by cathy lester

willie also is nelly’s brother he’s a

big fan of food and also likes to

experiment with it but he doesn’t have a

full fist would he often behave in a

rowdy manner towards his sister and

other children but changed with age

played by jonathan gilder

alice garvey is andrew’s mother and also

johnson’s beloved she’s not used to

running away from difficulties and

always tries to find a way out of the


knows how to get along with children and

has a warm smile died in a fire played

by hershey parody

adam kendall linwood boomer was a

teacher at the school for the blind

where mary was sent to study with long

he later married he is a rather hearty

guy who can support his beloved in

difficult times and help her cope with

grief legal activity was his main dream

charles ngoz is the husband of caroline

and the father of their daughters he

doesn’t like violence but in case of

emergency he can use it and often cannot

pass by when help is needed played by

michael landon who died in 1991 from

pancreatic cancer

nelson is harry’s husband and the father

of their children he as his own shop

with his wife and always tries to

communicate politely with customers

sometimes he smiles his children too

often played by richard ball who dies in

2014 of pneumonia

messiah’s words is the husband of grace

and is also the adaptive father of

alicia he is not literate and has a

somewhat intimidating appearance but is

a good nature person

likes to hunt he was played by victor

french who died in 1989 of lung cancer

jonathan garvey is andrew’s biological

father who warmly treats his wife alice

and she occupies an important place in

his life he tries not to lose his mind

in the face of difficulties but the

death of his wife knocked him down

played by marilyn nelson

nancy olson alison bowser is the only

not native daughter of the olsen spouses

she has a significant external

resemblance to nelly but behaves

significantly worse due to being overly

spoiled she has done mean thing to

others on more than one occasion

grace snyder edwards bonnie bartlett is

the wife of messiah and the adoptive

mother of sanderson’s three children she

treats her husband well and tries to be

a worthy support for him grace although

she is not a mother to children shows

love and care for them

james cooper ingalls is the older

brother of cassandra after the tragic

death of their parents lingus adopted

them into their family sometimes he can

make fresh acts and doesn’t like when

his opinion is not taken into account

played by jason bateman

john carter was a caring father and

husband for sarah and their two sons

jason and jeb he had light brown

slightly tousled hair and expressive

brown eyes he was often also seen

wearing trousers with suspenders the

role of john carter was played by stan


albert queen ingles matthew leberto was

the first child who was adopted by the

ingles and who after living in the

boarding ran away from the family five

times he was a bit of a problem child

mostly due to the fact that he

previously lived on the street

sarah reed carter pamela rylance is

jon’s beloved and also the mother of

their two children she is mainly engaged

in the fact that she writes material for

the local newspaper sarah has pretty

cute features and curly hair dislikes

people who spread gossip

johnny johnson is a respectable and

understanding guy who knows how to

calmly state his position and also

clearly knows what he wants and strives

for it experiencing romantic feelings

for mary but did not achieve reciprocity

from her played by mitch vogel

eliza jane wilder is on mance’s sister

and she also teaches at a local school

including for laura has a rather modest

nature and at the same time reacts quite

sensitively to many situations most of

the time likes to stay at home played by

lucy lee flipping

andrew andy garvey is the only son of

the gary couple he’s quite a sociable

and friendly boy who cannot sit still

for a long time

like his father he takes the depth with

mother heart but he was able to overcome

this loss played by patrick laberto


jenny wilder is the only child of ryle

and his wife

she is very attached to her only parent

and to the death of her father extremely

painfully which almost led to her own

death usually wears her hair in pigtails

the role is performed by shannon doyer

alicia sanderson edwards is john and

carl’s younger sister she ended up in a

foster family after her mother’s death

alicia is a sweet child but the loss of

loved ones is hard for but she is hearty

and tries to cope with it she was played

by kyle richards

carrying both the third daughter of

caroline and charles ingalls gary was

born in the great woods of wisconsin she

was very loved in the family kerry was

not talkative but she loved to play the

role is performed by sydney greenbush

laura ingalls is the second daughter

born to charles and caroline she has a

stoic and energetic nature and as a

child often prefer to do more masculine

things lara is a good nature and gets

along well with animals they’re always

played by melissa gilbert

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