Building a minimalist wardrobe


Previously, Taing Rinith, our minimalist journalist, shared his tips on how to embrace minimalism while travelling without compromising comfort. He’s back to help those who trip over on what to wear on a daily basis, although their closet is overflowing with clothes and dresses. Behold, some sensible advice on creating a Minimalist Wardrobe.

Why Minimalist Wardrobe?

First of all, instead of taking ages to pick clothes or dresses for the day’s outing. Obviously, a long wait is not on anyone’s favourite-things-to-do list. Plus, it keeps you sane, makes you environmental guilt-free and keeps you away from credit card debt.

Here are some tips on building your own Minimalist Wardrobe and still look hot.

First and foremost, clear your closet

You will never set up a true minimalist wardrobe unless you click the Reset button. But, what should be the new arrangement? Surely, it is hard to come up with a single formula one fits all, but limit your number of items to 25 for the next three months. Make a list of what you really need and want, for example, for work, and categorise these outfits in a way that allows you to see all of them at one glance and prevent you from making a mess when choosing. At the same time, get rid of what you don’t need by selling or giving them away.

Be smart and creative

Being neutral could be the best bet. You may wear a pair of shorts and a t-shirt, for walking your dog, to the gym or for bedtime. However, making your individuality stand out is also important every now and then. There are many ways to make your few outfits unique, such as pairing them with various accessories (hat, pocketbook, jewellery, scarf, belt and so on) or set up different colour-pairing codes. Good luck to you if you colour blind.

Shop only when you need

Having a minimalist lifestyle doesn’t mean you must abstain from going shopping. Yet, make sure that what you are buying is a missing link in your new wardrobe. You should also buy some new clothes when a new season comes, or say every three months and-a-half.

This could be very difficult when there are so many sales promotions going on, especially if you enjoy shopping sprees, you really must control this. Or minimalist goes out the window. In such a scenario, you should make a shopping list and strictly follow it. As much as possible, avoid using invisible money, such as credit card, to pay for the clothes you buy since it could urge you to buy more unintentionally.

Hygiene at the core

Being a minimalist doesn’t mean wearing a dress or a pair of jeans for the entire weekdays and only washing them on the weekend. Oh, my gosh, imagine the odour if you did that? Having less outfits implies a faster laundry cycle of wash and iron, excluding exceptions like a shirt turning sweaty in no time.

Don’t go too far

A capsule wardrobe could make your life so much easier, but it is still a blasé to wear slippers to a business meeting or clinging on to your favourite dress until it yellows with age. Remember, it is not an ordeal but instead part of a lifestyle to get the best use in fashion from just a few items. The genius lies in pairing your clothes. It is also recommended to add one or two new fancy pieces to your wardrobe to wear on a hot date with your new crush.