Fashion trend a la 20S Boulevard


echnically, there are two seasons in Cambodia, dry season and rainy season. Yet, to face reality, it is so to speak, the summer and the hotter summer. Since it’s hot and humid all year round, versatility is an understatement when it comes to fashion. Meanwhile, youth and fashion in Cambodia go hand in hand. They’re young and free-spirited and so they like to dress and look the part. To a little insight on the young latest fashion trend, Ouk Sovanlyda meets and talks to several Cambodian youngsters, all in their early 20s, who agree to share their idea of what is: stylish clothing.

THERE is very little that can go wrong with a red sundress, a big floppy hat and futuristic-looking sunglasses. Vann Sopheakvatey is a 22-year-old majoring in Media and Communication who likes to dress femininely but not over the top girly. Her fashion sense caters more towards the western look. She draws her inspiration from various Instagram celebrities, Youtubers, Lookbooks, and fashion blogger’s OOTD (outfit of the day). In this outfit, she appears straight outta Lana Del Rey’s music video. Summertime sadness? More like Summertime cuteness.

LOOKING bad and bougie seems to be all the rage lately. Dressing like your favourite rapper, rocking that oversized hoodie, short shorts, long socks and a pair of designer trainers is a whole new swag on itself. Amm depicts his fashion sense as classic hipster with muted tones and subtle design to bring out his piercings and elaborate tattoos. He likes to fashion himself in clothing that portrays his mood of the day. If melancholy was an outfit, that’s how he would look, according to Amm.