Glamping pods: Immersed in nature with the comfort of home


For more adventurous types, there is no greater pleasure than simply pitching a tent on a hill or in the jungle and staying the night, at one with the rugged surroundings of nature.

However, for the average person, comfort still comes first; but this doesn’t have to mean the end of outdoor pursuits.

Glamping Pods Cambodia is a start-up that builds small liveable spaces – known as pods – equipped with a toilet, cooking facilities and a living room. They are suitable for installing in rural hotels, eco-resorts and farms.

The idea to build and sell these pods that can be erected anywhere was the brainchild of one businessman aiming to create his own eco-resort while spending less on the transportation of materials.

Glamping Pods Cambodia founder Teng Rithy tells The Post: “I wanted to build small houses with comfortable living spaces. I have bought some plots of land and want to create an eco-resort. I thought about what type of houses I could build in order to spend less money in less time and make them easy to transport.”

Rithy began researching on the internet, collaborating with his engineering friends and travelling abroad to assess his options.

“We thought that we could replicate the model like pod camping in Scotland, but in fact Cambodian people had these structures a long time ago already. We can see them in the forest areas of Mondulkiri or Ratanakkiri provinces – they are home to indigenous people,” Rithy says. “So we have built our pods in the same way, but we focused on making them modern by including electricity, water and nice materials to make them comfortable.”

Rithy grew up in Phnom Penh but throughout his childhood dreamed of living in a small, eco-friendly home immersed in nature.

So when he bought several hectares of land in order to pursue his dream of building an eco-resort, he also took the opportunity to construct a model home like the one he dreamed of as a child and move it to his untouched land.

This trial home attracted a lot of attention on social media.